Tuesday, June 5, 2007

happy birthday darling juli

The very first birthday wish is from my dear fren who is in singapore, who wished me yesterday...hehe.. Thanks! Well, i do not expect much this year, knowing that I am happy with what I have, and what is going to happen is additional bonus in life.

It is only 5 minutes passed 12am, i feel this year is the best day! It is not because it is my birthday... but it is the joy i have in my heart!

I got a little red bag from Aunt Lina & Elaine che che... didn't expect a little gift, it is not the gift, but it is the thought! Thank you so much! :)

Winy called me at around 10+pm, 5th june 2007 asking me to walk to my room. She left a gift in my room. I guess it has been there for sometime, i never realise it. It shows how messy my room is. sigh... THanks gal!

The gift that really touch my heart is the little pig which is given from my dear cousin to me! He has been cracking his head really hard to think what to buy for me! It was a real surprise to me! I am very happy that there is a little space in his heart that is for me.
Knowing that time is not very long for him, but I do know that God has a plan for him. He will have many more years to go just like me! He will be heal by God's grace. My best gift is the little thought that my dear cousin have for me!

Thank you guys so much to make my new year starts so well...

+ birthday wishes from Ping Che - all the way from US, Pinkie + Ning - all the way from Aussie, Daddy deary, Yoke Wai + Ah Chong.
Love u guys! "muaks"

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